Decaffeinated Teas

Very few plants in nature contain caffeine, and not surprisingly they are some of the most popular beverages worldwide. Coffee, Tea, Cocoa, and the South American herbs Mate (Yerba) and Guarana (Brazilian Cocoa) are the major beverages containing this mild stimulant. While most people tolerate and function better with low to moderate amounts of caffeine, many people are very sensitive to its effects.

All of our teas are decaffeinated using only natural CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and Water methods – never any chemical method as commonly used in commercial teas. No matter how tea is decaffeinated, some taste is always taken away. We keep De-Caffeinated teas in small lots for the best tastes and freshest teas.

Three things to know about De-Caffeinated Teas:

1. De-Caffeinated teas or coffees are not caffeine free. The best De-Caffeinated methods remove about 95% of the caffeine. To get a totally caffeine free tea, stick with herbals.

2. Caffeine is valuable to the food industry. Often the caffeine removed from tea and coffee is collected and put back into soda pop, some pharmaceuticals, and now even water. Yes, caffeine-laced water!

3. Decaffeinate at home. This tried and true method removes about 92% of the caffeine from any tea you like – safely, effectively, and inexpensively at home. Brew your tea as normal, but pour off the tea water after 30 seconds and you have just removed about 92% of the caffeine. Then re-brew the same leaves – you'll have to steep them a little longer than normal to get the best flavor.

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