Strand Tea Company is an Importer, Blender, and Distributor of Premium Teas since 1997.

We travel to Tea Gardens in Asia, taste hundreds of cups of tea a year abroad and at home to evaluate for quality and price, pack each order fresh, and almost always ship your tea within one business day. We are tea professionals, but most of all, tea lovers who drink what we sell and use the tea brewing accessories we offer to our customers. At Strand Tea you'll find your favorite Classic Blends, Naturally Flavored Teas, Single Origin Tea Garden Teas, Herbal Teas, and much more.  We’re confident that you’ll find the tea that speaks to you.

What Makes Good Tea?

  • Source—the country, region and specific tea garden where tea is grown
  • Harvest—tea is a crop with good years and dormant years
  • Freshness—careful handling is essential
  • You—the tea maker and host who serves guests with care and grace
  • Us—we intentionally try to inspire you with the essence of tea