Our Philosophy

Strand Tea was formed in 1997 as a values-oriented company. Over time we have developed relationships within the tea industry from tea grower to tea drinker.   We endeavor to treat others as we want to be treated.

We travel to tea gardens, and work with people throughout the world’s tea industry. This has allowed us to experience a wider view of the tea business as a part of international culture. We’ve seen the lives of people who produce the beverage we love so much, and have come to understand more about what is involved in farming, harvesting and packing tea. Tea production is often the only means of livelihood for individuals, families and communities in rural mountain areas . 

Whenever possible we buy from family businesses, small estates and organic tea producers. Simply stated, we would like those producing tea to be as happy, healthy, and enriched as those buying the final product.  We are a small, but positive link in bringing quality tea to North America, and at the same time, advocating for decent labor practices, sustainable agriculture, and environmentally sound business practices.

              Wild Elephants at a Nilgiri Tea Estate            Photo by Jack Strand