Our Story



Strand Tea Company is a family held Oregon Corporation founded in 1997. We specialize in offering quality tea and tea accessories at affordable prices for everyone. About 75% of Strand Tea business is direct sales to customers with 25% sales to tea houses, coffee houses, restaurants & resorts, café’s and bakeries, and health clinics.

We are Tea Experts through years of training, study, travel to Tea Gardens, and professionally evaluating thousands of cups of teas at home and abroad. We don’t feel there is a shortcut to understanding this remarkable beverage; neither do we think everyone needs to study tea simply to enjoy it. Strand Tea has been a member of the Tea Association of the U.S.A. Premium Tea Institute since its inception, and previously was a member of the American Premium Tea Institute.

We are not Tea Masters. To us, Tea Master is an acclaim of a lifetime bestowed on one by others through extraordinary expertise and mastery of the physical and spiritual nature of tea. There are only two Tea Masters in the US of whom we know. Even at the Tea Gardens in Asia, few are called Tea Masters.

We are not Tea Snobs. We simply enjoy tea and follow it where it takes us. Tea is too important for the world’s people to be pretentious or haughty about it. The vast majority of the world’s people drink tea, and for some, tea which is sweetened, spiced, and milked, is their only breakfast or lunch. Tea keeps people healthy and hydrated all over the globe. Tea is served in the best hotels, and on the dirt floors of homes in developing countries. People have as many different tastes in tea as they do food. We respect peoples taste in tea, natural and flavored, sweetened or not, pure and blended, taken for health or for enjoyment. We honor the astounding variety of ways tea has come into peoples’ lives.

What is our tea story? We love tea and follow where it leads. We are knowledgeable through the effort of hard work, study, and travel. We are relational. At Strand Tea Company we intentionally try to relate to our customers, our tea growers and suppliers, the community, and our staff. To find out more about where tea has taken us, visit our page on social consciousness. Also, we love to hear from other tea lovers. Feel free to drop us an e-mail.


                                      Jack Strand cupping tea in India