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  • Authentic Matcha Japanese powdered green tea. Super Grade Kansai from superior grade Gyokuro leaf from Japan.

    The origin of Matcha is synonymous with the Zen Japanese Tea Ceremony (Cha-No-Yu) dating back 5 centuries. The highest quality Gyokuro Jade Dew or other similiar high quality green tea leaves were hand ground immediately prior to the Tea Ceremony. This is the quality we are offering.

    Hiki-cha, a powdered green tea of a much less quality, has been imported into North America over the past few years. and has been mislabeled as Matcha.

    For detailed instructions on 'brewing' Matcha please see various internet videos and sources.

  • Matcha gift set

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mary Norville

I'm new to drinking matcha, but I can tell you assuredly that this matcha is lovely and better than what I've purchased at grocery stores and at coffee shops.
I'm grateful to know how really delicious matcha can be. I will reorder!

Warren Geissert
Very good matcha, great value

I've tried more than a dozen matchas, and this one is among the best I've tried. I like that it's about half the cost of matchas that are only slightly better.

Kathi Gerspach
Love your match

The matcha is good quality and the price is very reasonable.
I also very much appreciate being able to pick it up at my favorite coffee shop while ordering one of their matcha lattes made with your matcha.
I’m so grateful to have such a fabulous tea company in our own back yard!

The real deal, It's Bonafide.

Over the years I have tried many of the most common Matcha brands on Amazon, Jade, Ippodo, Naoki, Patenger, Kikiyo to name just a few. None compare to this in terms of taste color or non bitterness. This is a vibrant almost neon green, unlike any matcha I have seen before. My brother was once stationed in Japan and he knows real matcha when he sees it. He tells me this is the real stuff.


Always good quality teas & matcha