Herbal Teas

Technically called Herbal Infusions or Tisanes, but most commonly called Herbal "Teas," these wonderful beverages come from the Leaves, Flowers, Bark, Roots, and Berries (Fruit) from hundreds of plants which have found their way into hot water over time.


Three things to know about Herbal Teas

1. All Herbal Teas are caffeine free, with the one notable exception of Yerba Mate. Caffeine free means no caffeine grows in the plant.

2. Please make the distinction between beverage teas and medicinal teas. Beverage teas simply taste good so people like them. Many beverage teas are also very healthy but that is not the main reason they are consumed. Medicinal teas are various plants and herbs steeped in water which are taken to affect specific body processes, usually to relieve symptoms as part of a health program.

3. The “proper” way to refer to Herbal Infusions is Tisanes because these “teas” don't come from the tea plant camellia sinensis; herbal infusions are perhaps the oldest, most used, most blended, and most natural drinks known